Hi, I'm Erol Unal

I'm a civil engineering student with a passion for solid mechanics and computer science. My goal is to combine my interests to develop new, cross-disciplinary applications.

About Me

Erol Unal

I'm a PhD student at the Georgia Institute of Technology studying civil engineering. My research interests include topology optimization and additive manufacturing. I am working to develop exciting new applications to benefit industries around the globe, from construction to aerospace.

Outside of academics, I also enjoy


My experiences have shaped my interests and continually inspire me. Here's a summary, or feel free to check out my resumé.

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Graduate Research Assistant

Computational Mechanics Group
Georgia Institute of Technology

I joined Dr. Glaucio Paulino's research group in August 2016. My research interests include topology optimization and additive manufacturing (3D Printing).

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Pankow Material Labs
Purdue University

I desgined and performed calorimetry tests to quantify the formation of calcium oxychloride in cementious materials in the presence of deicing salts and carbon dioxide.

Teaching Assistant

ENGR 131
Purdue University

This course was designed to expose first-year engineering students to design challenges and basic engineering concepts. As part of the instructional team, I graded homework and exams, provided feedback on progress, and assisted in class instruction.


Jason Weiss Faculty Website

Prof. Jason Weiss' personal website was built from scratch and designed to emulate the existing style of the Oregon State University main site. The website is built from HTML and CSS with some PHP in order to integrate the search feature within OSU's existing functionality.

Egg Cave

Egg Cave is a kid-friendly, virtual pet site with over 100,000 players. I designed and created site-wide features and community events within the existing site framework. I also developed efficient MySQL database organization to reduce site lag and store sensitive user data.

Personal Website Design

I have used the domain erolunal.com to teach myself more about web design. This website has hosted various iterations of my online portfolio as I keep up with new global design trends. The current design is fully responsive and adapts to the viewing environment. It utilizes the Bootstrap framework and Javascript.

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